With the progress of a stimulated economy comes the issue of adequate transportation infrastructure. As an active Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Transportation Expressway Authority Management of Florida (TEAMFL) board member, Cecil Pendergrass has been working with a specialized network of transportation professionals to improve your commute on Lee County roadways.

Just as careful planning of new roadways is essential, funding is equally as important. Cecil understands that Lee County must be proactive and sensible in budgeting for these projects rather than depending on ineffective past practices, which depended on funding solely through fees and gas taxes. As a result, the Board of County Commissioners implemented the Growth Increment Funding (GIF) practice of budgeting. This process provides for the funding needed to improve our roadways and it ensures that all pay for growth and related services.

Over the next five years the GIF process will provide $70 million dollars for Tier 1 transportation projects such as: Littleton Road widening, Estero Boulevard improvements, Three Oaks Extension completion and many more. It will also provide for $13 million to be allocated toward bicycle-pedestrian projects. Any additional funding collected through impact fees and gas tax will then be used to accelerate projects accordingly.

Cecil Pendergrass will continue working personally with transportation professionals to improve Lee County roadways for the safety of our residents and visitors.